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Sible empowers people to share and access detailed accessibility information.

From elevation maps to ramp locations, hazard information to trip planners, Sible improves places by making them easier to navigate – for everyone.


Better access
benefits everyone.

1 in 5 Australians have some form of disability. That’s over 4 million people.

Sible helps people overcome ongoing obstacles and makes it easier to get around. Using crowd-sourced data, it connects people to all the information they need to help plan their day.


Sible will provide people with accessibility information for locations, businesses, services and amenities. This will cater to diverse needs:

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Motor
  • Cognitive


Sible will enable business to provide detailed accessibility information for their locations. This includes details about:

  • Parking & Transport
  • Ramps & Landings
  • Entrances & Exits
  • Services & Amenities


Sible will inform policy that better suits the requirements of people living with accessibility needs, and inform the way we design our cities.

  • City Planning
  • Transportation
  • Support Services
  • Public Amenities

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