About People-first platform

Sible enables the whole community to share accessibility data.

It’s a platform that makes moving from A to B possible, makes obstacles visible and encourages local businesses to be responsible.


Making life
easier for everybody.

Sible isn’t simply a map, or a tool that is designed specifically for disability. It brings all available information together in one place to help people with a variety of needs.


Sible helps non-sighted people, people with low-vision, people with obstructed vision, or people with conditions including myopia, colour blindness, glaucoma and albinism.


Sible helps people with hearing impairments, including, for example, presbycusis, acoustic trauma, auditory processing disorder and otosclerosis.


Sible helps people with motor impairments, including, for example, RSI, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's and muscular dystrophy.


Sible helps people who have difficulty with processing information, including for example, Down’s Syndrome, autism, global developmental delay and dyslexia.

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